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Challenge #16 - Red&Pink - My Little Bird 
9th-Feb-2011 04:13 pm
Ice trees
Title: My Little Bird
Fandom: Teen Titans
Bonus: hearts and candy
Team: Ice
Challenge: Red and Pink
Rating: T
Summary: Some surprise gifts arrive at the Tower

When the Titans woke the main room of the tower was full of heart-shaped balloons, candy and red roses and Cyborg was busy hauling in more.

“Where did this come from?” Beast Boy asked.

“Beats me,” Cyborg replied, “I’ve been too busy carrying it in to read the cards.”

“I bet Starfire has yet another love struck fan-boy,” Raven droned as she floated in the room.

“Not quite,” Beast Boy said, eyes focused on the card in his hand.

“Well who’s it from?” Robin asked.

Beast Boy flipped over the card and it said,

For my Little Bird,

~ S


For those who don't know the fandom The S is Slade's calling card often. he is a villain that get's slashed with Robin often because they both have an unhealthy obsession with each other. 

9th-Feb-2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
wow another fandom I actually kindve know... :D
My kiddos used to watch the cartoon... they dont anymore for some reason but they used to so Im familiar with the characters!! Great job dearie!!
10th-Feb-2011 06:43 am (UTC)
*heh heh* I am full of fandom surprises ^_^ Thank you so much *hugs*
10th-Feb-2011 12:54 am (UTC)
Very nice! I don't read any Teen Titans fanfiction, but it was such an awesome show. This is awesome! XD
10th-Feb-2011 06:44 am (UTC)
Thank you *kisses hand* I don't write it much but I have a thing for Robin/Slade ^_^
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