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Challenge #15 - Birds: How it Is (Bonus)

Title: How it Is
Fandom: Static Shock
Genre: Fluff/Waff/a smidgen of Angst
Characters: Virgil/Richie
Team: Ice
Rating: K
Summary: It's not an easy job...

After a long and exhausting fight with Hotstreak, Kangor and Talon, Dakota’s heroes retire to the Gas Station of Solitude.

Virgil doesn’t care where his jacket lands. He doesn’t care where his boots fall just as he doesn't care that Richie’s favorite spot to sleep lately seems to be on him. Blond head on his lap and legs curled up on the couch Richie is sound asleep.

As Virgil runs his fingers through Richie’s hair he plucks out an orange feather and sighs. Defending Dakota was getting harder by the day but they would continue. Because that’s what heroes do.
Tags: author: lynx212, fandom: static shock, team ice
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